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The Link Between Emotional Repression, Mental Health, and Physical Well-being

Let's explore the profound psychological benefits of emotional repression while delving into the often-overlooked physical toll it can take on our physical well-being.

What is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and What Causes It?

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) affects up to 2.5 million people in America. The medical community still doesn't fully understand it. This article sheds a little light on the subject.

Does Stress Cause Hypertension? Yes and No

The United States has one of the highest daily stress rates in the world. Does this fact play a part in the american hypertension epidemic?

The Gift of Repression and How It Can Affect Your Health

Emotional Repression is a blessing and a curse. In this post we'll discover what role repressed emotions play in your life.

Reevaluating the Intersection of Emotions and Medical Conditions

We see many common medical conditions whose underlying cause we don't fully understand. While medicine can ease symptoms, it's time we start looking at the root cause.

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